Day 3: More Ouachita!

I know, I know, everyone keeps telling us to ride the Womble and I wish I had unlimited hours to ride this week. But, with the race on Sunday...I sort of have to keep the pre-race riding hours in check. Today our teammates Jeff Kerkove and Sonya Looney made it out from Colorado and we got out on the Ouachita Trail again. The trail is a blast, it's totally my kind of trail. I felt much better today. I didn't take the camera but Sonya and Jeff had theirs out for some still shots and video.

Day 2

Today we ventured over to Hot Springs to hit up Parkside Cycle, the most recommended bike shop in the town. Their mechanic is really good and he fixed up my drivetrain that was having issues yesterday. They also have a great selection of products including the Team Green Ergons currently on sale!

Welcome to AR and the Ouachita Trail

Well, I just typed up a long post about the day's adventure and then accidentally deleted it!!!

Grrrr. So, in a nutshell...we made it to Arkansas last night..there is no edible food within 45 min of our hotel and, even worse, NO COFFEE around. No coffee maker or fridge in our room either. Thank goodness we are moving to a new place on Wednesday or I might go crazy! I will be more prepared next time we venture into this neck of the woods...a word to the wise: bring the kitchen sink!

Spring break: prologue

I considered my spring break as starting at 9am on Thursday when my exam finished. I still had some meetings on Thurs/Fri but mentally I was done. It has been a rough few weeks at school and I am so in need of this break. My plan for the 10 days "off" is for R&R--not the typical beach vacation R&R (although that sounds pretty darn good right now, too). I am trying to get as many hours in as I can on the bike right now and the weather is cooperating. My legs on the other hand..well, um...let's just say that they are not so used to riding more than 10 hours per week anymore!

Now what?

It's old news now, but there's a big hole in the race schedule now for all the regular 24 hour racers. While some people (mostly, the powers that be) see it as no big deal to just completely swap venues and seasons for the "most important" 24 hour race in the country...others of us have to completely rearrange race goals, schedules, and such. Unfortunately, Moab in October is not even a remote possibility for me since 1) I'll be back in school at the end of August and 2) There is no way on earth I could afford the entry fee plus the travel expenses to Moab.

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