Hump day meant a day off for me to unwind. After coming back from racing in Arkansas on Sunday, I had two long days at school and, luckily, today off. We drove to Chattanooga, TN to drop off Bob (the foster dog) to his new home and then hit the Raccoon Mountain trails for a recovery ride. We are racing again in 3 days so the point of today was just to enjoy the sun and the singletrack...ah, bliss.


We've been fostering Bob through the German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue for about a month, now. It was so easy to get attached to him..and today I'm taking him to his new home. I am so happy for him but it is really hard to let him go.

Bye, Bob. May your new home be everything you deserve and more. I will miss you.

Ouachita Challenge Race Report Part Two

I slept really well the night before the race. Jeff's alarm went off at 4am and soon the rest of us were up. Surprisingly, we were all in a decent mood and not too grumpy. Breakfast was coffee, toast, and fried eggs.

We arrived at Oden Public Schools (the race start) before 7am and had at least an hour to change, walk dogs, and warm up. It was slightly chilly but really windy.

The best laid plans..Ouachita Challenge Race Report Part One

Sure, it would have been ideal to have the race at the beginning of spring break, rather than on the last day but that was not going to stop me from spending the week riding the famed Arkansas trails. We didn't do any long rides, per se, but we rode every day except Friday last week. That was definitely the most mountain bike hours I've put in this year. The trails were rugged and so fun that it was hard to NOT ride while we were there, though.

photo by Sonya Looney

Group ride with Competitive Cyclist

Yesterday was cold and windy with off-and-on rain. Luckily the weather for the Ergon/Competitive Cyclist group ride wasn't bad. The trails were in great shape..there were a few puddles but the trails around here are pretty rocky and hold up to rain well.

The Competitive Cyclist office and operation was huge and really impressive. I think almost everyone on the ride was already using Ergon grips!

There are a bunch of photos from the ride and Klinik here

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