Maybe it's the coffee

After intentionally dehydrating myself for 24 hours (we are piloting a dehydration study in the lab), I wasn't really expecting much out of my workout today. But, as soon as 3pm hit and I could have fluids again, I downed as much nuun as I could plus a tall dark roast from Starbucks. I didn't have time to do my intervals outside, so I did them on my Kinetic Rock n Roll trainer. Well....let me just say, I had the highest average and max power I had ever seen in this workout today. Maybe it was the caffeine? But, my weight is also down, and so is body fat.

this is going somewhere..isn't it?

This week of training kicked my butt. No, it wasn't 30 hours, or even 20 wasn't even 15 hours. It was a measly 11 hours and 20 minutes according to my training log. But, none the less..I am worked. Coach said I would be tired today, and I was. The last two days were hard rides and last night was a party at our office with the employees of Big Peach Running Co. in Georgia. The turnout was great and it was a great event for everyone including GA Sports Chiropractic, GA Sports Massage, Continuum Sports Solutions, and 55nine Performance.

heat wave

It seems like we went right from winter to summer, wow! It's been in the mid to high 80 degrees lately..and it makes me even more anxious for the end of the semester. I'm pretty much over the exams and homework, right now I'd rather be riding my bike and hanging out in the sun with my dogs and my friends. This summer will be nice--no classes, just research in the lab. 4 more weeks!

Warrior Creek- 6 hour race

It feels great to have had a perfect race! I would not change one single thing about this one. The BMCC group in Wilkesboro, NC builds awesome trails and puts on even better events. If you have not yet raced one of their events, you must do so!! The BURN 24 hour race is also coming up this Memorial Day weekend.

Next up...

After my 3 HOUR lecture (that I have to give..not sit through, I don't know which is worse??) we are heading up to North Carolina for this 6 hour race put on by the BMCC. If it's even half as good as the BURN 24 hour race then we are guaranteed a good time. We are camping so I probably won't be able to update until Sunday night.

The Rotwild R.R2 hardtail is coming out as the weapon of choice this weekend...yeah!!

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