Cohutta 65, The Short version of the "Shorty"

Yes!!! I did it. I took care of all my little and big mistakes from the Ouachita Challenge and everything turned out just as I had hoped. Starting out, I knew I would be racing some really fast women and I said I would just be happy with 3rd place. Then, when we lined up (all the fast women lined up at the front, does anyone have a photo?) I decided it would be tough to get in the top 5 and I would be happy with 5th, haha. I was lined up next to Danielle Musto, Lisa Randall, Ursula Sandefeur, and there were also some unknown fast ladies from Wisconsin.

Cohutta: Here we go!

For once, we actually packed and prepped in advance. Who am I??? PowerBar Endurance, PowerGels, and Gelblasts are packed. I lost my HR monitor but I did find an old Timex Ironman watch that seems to tell the correct that will have to do. Eddie bought me a gel flask and Danielle is letting me borrow one of her cool 5oz Hydrapak Softflasks. The forecast looks like it could make for an epic race..70% chance of severe thunderstorms! Welcome to mountain bike racing in the Southeast..where a mudfest is almost a guarantee in the spring.

Sea Otter

I flew into the Monterey airport yesterday afternoon, right before Eddie's race. He picked me up, we returned to the race/expo venue, and he proceeded to frantically get dressed and prepared for his 40 mile race. In the meantime, I wandered around and said "hi" to some of our sponsors--Crank Brothers, Magura, DT Swiss, Continental the middle of that a somewhat familiar face came up to me and said, "Hi.

Sea Otter-bound

The rest of the team is already out there..I leave in the morning. I'm bummed I'm not racing but that's OK since Cohutta is just one week away!! Yikes..I have to go through my "Do Not Do Again" list from Ouachita Challenge sometime next week. I'm packing a lot of trips into the next few weeks which, unfortunately, are also the busiest weeks of the projects and final exams. Well, you only live once. I can sleep sometime in May.

I hope "THEY" are right

Whoever "They" are, I hope they are right about the third time being a charm. If you look over to the right ---> you may notice a new addition to the 2010 schedule. This is not a new race for me, but in 2008 (report here) and 2009 (report here) I swore I would never go back again. But, here we 2010 and I have a chance to go back for another chance.

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