Burn 24 hour race

I hadn't done a team 24 hour race since 2002 or something like that. While it was most certainly easier than a Solo 24, it was not without it's challenges..mostly logistics, communication, and of course keeping everyone happy and motivated..some people are easier than others!

Overall, we had a great race. Eddie and I raced with three of our friends who do not race much, but they are all fast and fun people. We spend a lot of our weekends riding with them so we thought it would be a fun thing to do and the BURN 24 hour is seriously the best 24 hour race I have ever been to.

new bike! new bike!

I finally got to ride my 2010 Rotwild yesterday. It's been a long process getting everything together between the build-up, tuning, and fitting everything to the Wobble-naught specs...all while there has been a lot of travel and work craziness going on.

Alas..here it is

I took it out on the first trail ride yesterday. Even though we applied my fit to the new bike, it handles quite differently. There have been some geometry changes but I like them.


Now we are ready

Tick tock

The countdown is on..my race bikes are still not 100% done because my Wobble-naught fit called for 70mm stems..which we don't have. I'm trying not to stress out over such a detail (ok, significant detail)..I am still trying to kick this cold I've had for OVER A WEEK and stressing out won't help that. I am blaming this cold on a cute little innocent baby. Eddie went to visit our friend (and his baby) in DC a couple weeks ago while he was up there and caught a cold..now I have it and can't get rid of it. Those babies carry some nasty stuff.

Topeak-Ergon 24 hour race clinic & Sram xx at Brushy Mountain Cycles

Attn: Burn 24 hour racers! Details here.

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