mid-summer in georgia

Summertime in Georgia means getting to the mountains as much as possible to mountain bike. Creek crossings, shade, and the daily thunderstorm all help to make you forget it's 90-some degrees outside.

4-hour mountain bike rides in the mountains have been the norm lately. Exploring some new stuff with Eddie in his preparation for the Trans-North-Georgia race and riding some old stuff like Stanley Gap, Green Mountain, Tibbs, Unicoi that I haven't ridden in awhile.

Women's Mountain Bike Weekend at Mulberry Gap Mountain Bike Get-a-way

Women's Mountain Bike Weekend at Mulberry Gap Mountain Bike Get-a-way

Sponsored by Topeak, Ergon, and REI.

Women's Mountain Bike Weekend Sept 2010

Dates: Sept 5-6
Location: Mulberry Gap Mountain Bike Get-a-way in Ellijay, GA

pedal pedal pedal

For the past several months I've been struggling with pedaling technique. I used to brag about how I had a pretty perfect pedal stroke, but sometime in the past few months something changed. At some point, I started emphasizing one particular motion in the pedal stroke too much, causing certain muscles to fatigue faster, eventually resulting in tightness in my knees, IT bands, and hip flexors.

Climbing in the Cohuttas

We spent the long weekend celebrating the 4th of July by hanging out with friends at Mulberry Gap, watching people and fireworks (but mostly people) in downtown Ellijay, and of course climbing almost every hill we could find in the Cohutta Wilderness.

TGI the long weekend

I can't believe it's already been almost two weeks since Lumberjack 100 and my vacation. Recovery has been slow after this last race. My legs have not felt great, my ribs have been really sore, and I have been just generally tired and still sad about Bob. It has been over two weeks since he went missing.

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